25 March 2012


 Video TakeawayJakes, Regent Street, Plymouth 
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Library of Independant Exchange, Millbay, Plymouth
Come to Ours
Plymouth September - December 2011
Come to Ours was a programme of activity and events that celebrated and showcased the work of both emerging and established artists and curators. This artist-driven programme temporarily occupied unusual and unconventional sites, spaces and contexts around Plymouth (UK), running alongside British Art Show 7 (Sept-Dec 2011).
Come to Ours was devised and managed by a group of individual artists (Rachel DobbsBryony GillardChristopher Green,Mark JamesHannah Jones, Beth Emily Richards and Neil Rose) who came together to develop this special programme of events.
Our shared aims were to:
• develop a programme that celebrates and showcases both emerging and established artists and curators
• utilize unusual and unconventional sites in the city
• reflect the quality of existing (and build momentum for new) artist-driven activity in the city
• develop a programme of events that offers a more personal or human approach and one that addresses the problem of ‘unfamiliarity’ for those visiting the city for BAS7
• compliment the activities of the larger ‘Plymouth Fringe’
• continue to make things happen in the city of Plymouth
For more information please visit the Come to Ours website.
photo credit: Josh Greet

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