25 March 2012


Image from A Circle, part of the Come to Ours programme 


A Circle
Ella Golt, Bryony Gillard, Leah Lovett, Beth Emily Richards, Selina Taylor
17th September -­ 16th October 2011
As part of Come to Ours 

A Circle presented works by five artists who each employ performative methods within their practice.
The exhibition took place in a disused commercial unit on Hobart Street,in the Millbay area of Plymouth.

The artists explored notions of documentation, ephemera, and how to show live work within a gallery context. The work shown took the form of sculptural props, performances to camera, relics of performances, or live works or interventions staged at intervals throughout the exhibition.

The project examined existing, and aims to instigate new networks in which to discuss common creative concerns. The five commissioned works were informed by the artists involved, and throughout the works’ making, dialogues occurred between artists who may or may not have previously been peers. A shared interest in performance or a physicality of practice links the artists together.

A Circle investigated how peer groups come into existence, if networks are something that can be manufactured, and whether they can cross geographical boundaries.
A Circle also commissioned a text work to accompany the exhibition by Ruth Buchanan.

Curated by Bryony Gillard and Beth Emily Richards.

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