17 September 2010

Nail Art

Sol Le Witt

Jackson Pollock

Pierre Mondrian

Claude Monet

Jackson Pollock, Yves Klein, Pierre Mondrian, Sol Le Witt

Nail Art

Between 12 and 3pm on 21st August 2010, amongst a Farmers Market in Falmouth, Cornwall, members of the public were invited to have their nails manicured in the style of one of five famous artworks. Amanda Carey, a locally based nail artist, created the participant’s chosen style, and instead of purely performing a service, she discussed the specific artist’s work with each participant.

The activity aimed to explore the divide between ‘high’ and ‘low’ art, inversions of hierarchies and the translation, transference and value of knowledge.

Participants not only left the activity physically altered, but contributed to an ongoing dialogue about the artists chosen for the designs. These designs combine the visual languages of Art and the cult craft of ‘Nail Art’ and pose the question of the role of the Artisan within contemporary society. The hierarchy between the client (participant) and technician is reversed, as the technician provides the additional role or service of instructor/teacher.

Nail Art was part of Art Hub, a Live Art event investigating social connectivity, curated by Rachel Entwistle (UCF).


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