17 September 2010

Love Song to Fluxus!

Love Song to Fluxus
A love song dedicated to Fluxus, chosen by an audience and played on the Kazoo/A performance as way of thanks to Fluxus for influencing my practice.

Delegates to a symposium were given kazoos and asked to choose from one of three of the most 'popular love songs of all time' to dedicate to Fluxus -
Whitney Houston - I Will Always Love You
The Carpenters - Close to You
Bryan Adams - Everything I Do (I Do it For You)

The chosen love song - Bryan Adams - Everything I Do (I Do it For You), was then projected as a karaoke video to accompany the kazoo-ists. Love Song to Fluxus was part of the Fluxus Now? Symposium at The Exchange, a two day event presenting live art performances with speakers and discussion, looking at the legacy and ongoing influence of the international Fluxus art movement. Participants included: anti-cool, Pete Davies, Bryony Gillard, Roddy Hunter, Tim Knowles, Mark Waugh, Rebecca Weeks, Ian Whitford, Kath Wynne, Zierle & Carter. Curated by Art Surgery and The Exchange as part of the Tatsumi Orimoto exhibition, in collaboration with A Foundation, Liverpool. Photographs by Graham Gaunt.

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