25 February 2013

Bobby's Recital
Bryony Gillard, Jenny Moore
Standpoint Gallery
45 Coronet Street, London 


'An exhibition in several acts'

What is an object that is used as ‘prop’ in a performance, but as a ‘sculpture’ in an ongoing exhibition? How does the word ‘practice’ change it’s meaning between artist and musician? Where do we draw the boundaries between the protagonist / the participant / the audience / the event? 

On the opening night, Jenny Moore will present The Succulents and Other Stories, or Life/Work Balance: a performance in seven movements for OHP, xylophone, guitar, voice, projection, balloons and literary heroes. The continuing exhibition will include instruments, logos, and books for both looking at and moving.

Bryony Gillard will install a baby-grand piano in the gallery, presented as both an instrument/device, and as item of furniture or pedestal. Through a series of ‘acts’ (performance, sound, instructional and narrative texts, and ambiguous objects), the ‘prepared piano’ embodies the Classroom, Stage, Studio and Living room. 

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